Staring MAiD in the Face: A Personal Story of End-of-Life Care

Since the Supreme Court of Canada first opened the door to so-called MAiD (medical assistance in dying), the door has opened ever wider. It’s coming to the point where Canada is becoming extreme in her eagerness to offer death as an option to those who are suffering, tempered only by—at least, in theory—respect for the patient’s autonomy. In this week’s edition of the AC Podcast, Steve sat down with Mike Schouten, the Director of Advocacy for ARPA Canada, to put a human face to what can often be talked about in abstraction. Join us this week to hear from Mike how his family navigated the last days of a loved one and how this impacted their view on doctor-assisted death.

Gay Stripper Saved by Jesus: An Interview with Samuel Perez

One of the most controversial topics in culture today, is that of gender and sexuality. The church for a long period of time has received backlash for their attempts to uphold believed biblical approaches to the subject. Even the best of times, these conversations, though tense, can not be shied away from if we truly desire to love God and love people. On today’s episode Andy sits down with special guest, Samuel Perez, a formerly gay man who in the midst of his career as a nightclub dancer, found Jesus in the midst of his search for identity and belonging. Hear on this week’s episode a true story of a prodigal son, coming home.

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