The Surprising Demise of Atheism

The Four Horsemen of the New Atheists: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett, have faded from the cultural spotlight they once attracted. The New Atheists are now the Old Atheists. In fact, only two of the four are still alive. The questions they once raised still linger faintly but cultural conversations have shifted dramatically. Instead of asking, “Does God exist?” there are now an array of books and personalities asking and answering questions of sex, gender, and race, to name but a few. We have new questions and new influencers that now dominate the conversation in academia and households. Yet, as it turns out, the Old Atheists are not as irrelevant as one might think. On the AC podcast this week Andy, Steve, and Wes discuss how this current cultural moment is, in part, a product of their making and what we can learn from it moving forward.
Join us on this week’s AC Podcast as Troy, Steve, and Wes dive deep into the shift in perspective. Discover why this reimagining of Satan is spreading, and learn how it’s moving from the shadows of the Church of Satan into mainstream media and pop culture. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or simply curious about these cultural changes, this episode will surely challenge your thinking and spark meaningful conversation.

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Richard Dawkins Converts to Cultural Christianity?

Once known as the leading figure of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism, Richard Dawkins made a name for himself for his vitriol against religion in general and Christianity in particular. So, then, it surprised many people to hear him self-identify as a cultural Christian. While he rejects the truth claims of Christianity, he still seems to see value in the impact of Christianity, at least in comparison to some other worldviews. Is this new from Dawkins? What should we make of the comment itself? Steve and Wes sat down to discuss them in this week’s edition of the AC Podcast.

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