Grief, Guilt, and Regret: Moving Beyond Our Mistakes

Troy, Wes, and Steve delve deep into the themes of grief, guilt, and regret, drawing parallels between the responses of Judas and Peter to their denials of Jesus. Exploring the nuanced emotions and consequences faced by these two figures they shed light on the contrasting paths they took. How do we deal with our mistakes? By examining these biblical examples of human frailty that provide a roadmap for moving beyond the shadows of our own regrets.

Reconciliation: A Response Regarding Abdu Murray

In a world full of scandals, not only in the news but also in our families, how do we live out the gospel’s call to be ministers of reconciliation? This isn’t easy, especially when we disagree if a broken situation has been mended. It happened with ministry leaders in the Bible and it still happens today. In this episode of the AC Podcast, join the team as they discuss their year long journey of helping see Abdu Murray reconciled back into ministry and our response to those who disagree with our conclusion.

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