Biblical Contradictions Part 1

“The Bible is the word of God.” So say Christians. One implication of this is that the Bible cannot contradict itself. But what do we do with the differences between, say, the four Gospels? Why are Jesus’ genealogies different between Matthew and Luke? What were Jesus’ last words on the cross? Many skeptics quickly cry, “Contradiction!” Is that what we actually have? Wes and Steve sat down to hash out some alleged Bible contradictions in this two-part episode of the AC Podcast.Join us on this week’s AC Podcast as Troy, Steve, and Wes dive deep into the shift in perspective. Discover why this reimagining of Satan is spreading, and learn how it’s moving from the shadows of the Church of Satan into mainstream media and pop culture. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or simply curious about these cultural changes, this episode will surely challenge your thinking and spark meaningful conversation.

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