Grief, Guilt, and Regret: Moving Beyond Our Mistakes

Troy, Wes, and Steve delve deep into the themes of grief, guilt, and regret, drawing parallels between the responses of Judas and Peter to their denials of Jesus. Exploring the nuanced emotions and consequences faced by these two figures they shed light on the contrasting paths they took. How do we deal with our mistakes? By examining these biblical examples of human frailty that provide a roadmap for moving beyond the shadows of our own regrets.

How to Talk About Jesus Without Looking Like an Idiot

Every Christian knows (or, at least, should know) that evangelism is part of a Christian way of life. Yet, the very idea of evangelism induces panic in many Christians. What’s going on here? Is there a better way forward? Andy Bannister, the director of Solas Centre for Public Christianity, has written a book with a title that many Christians can resonate with “How to Talk About Jesus Without Looking Like an Idiot.” Tune in this week as Steve has a conversation with Andy on how Christians might share the gospel in a low-pressure way.

Did God Create Suffering?

Why did God create humans knowing they would sin and be condemned to hell?” The AC Podcast is no stranger to the tough questions, we always appreciate the emails and comments from people offering challenging podcast episode ideas. Join Andy, Steve and Troy on this week’s episode as they discuss one of the questions they received surrounding God, Sin and Suffering.

What the Resurrection Teaches Us about Heaven

The Holy Week leading up to Easter naturally has Christians reflecting on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. There will be many o’ sermon, conversations and messages directing believers and non-believers alike to magnify what the Lord has done and is still doing for us, while we were yet sinners. On this week’s episode Andy, Troy and Wes wanted to dive deeper in to the conversation about what the Resurrection teaches us about Heaven. From all of us at AC, Happy Easter!

Welcome to the Wilderness: Discussing Troy’s New Album “Scribe & the Wildlings”

The books of the bible that highlight the journey through the wilderness for the Israelites and Jesus have enough drama in them to make a movie. If we’re willing to, it’s also fairly easy to see ourselves in their shoes and how our own seasons of wilderness can relate back to the same mistakes made by God’s people. On this week’s episode Steve chats with AC’s own Troy aka Scribe Music about his new album, Scribe & the Wildlings and how the contrast of Jesus and the Israelites time in the wilderness directly influenced his new project.

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders Part 3: Wonders of His Love

It’s hard to imagine a perfect God, sending his son into a jaded world for the sake of relationship, in that we “might” be saved. Perhaps therein lies the true miracle, sign and wonder of his love. The unfathomable grace of Christ saw him become the interruption in our sinful trajectory. Join Andy, Steve, Troy and Wes as they conclude the 3 part series called Miracles, Signs & Wonders as they discuss the “Signs of His Love” during this Christmas season.

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders Part 2: Signs of His Love

When you see a sign, you see an opportunity for a change in direction, a landmark, a rest stop. Throughout the life of Jesus, we see in the gospels numerous miracles and messages all pointing to something greater than the audience could or would ever imagine. Join Andy, Steve, Troy and Wes as they continue in the 3 part series called Miracles, Signs & Wonders as they discuss the “Signs of His Love” during this Christmas season.

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders Part 1: Miracles of His Love

What is a miracle and what is it for? Most would probably agree that it’s something illogical or seemingly impossible. From a man being a healed paraplegic to the open parking spot right in front of the store. We all have personal qualifications for what we feel warrants being considered miraculous. Join Andy, Steve, Troy and Wes as they kick off a 3-part series called Miracles, Signs & Wonders as they discuss the supernatural power of God and it’s purposes.

Glorification of Evil

Our taste in media consumption can tell us a lot about where we are as a culture. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more shows and movies come out in which what was once considered evil is portrayed with sympathy or even outright glorification. Tune into this week’s AC Podcast episode, as the AC team hashes out some of their thoughts on this cultural phenomenon.

6 Myths We Might Believe About Christianity

Often, what we think is a matter of common sense turns out to be false. All of us probably hold to ideas that we would begin with “Everyone knows…” that are just not true. This week’s edition of the AC Podcast features Wes and Steve talking about some things we might believe about Christianity that are either completely wrong or greatly exaggerated.

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