Lowkey Racism

February is a month popularized by celebrating Black History Month. As such, we decided it would be appropriate to have an episode discussing the complexities of racism. From the portrayal of diversity in antiquity to modern jokes based on cultural identifiers, the need for gentleness can’t be understated. In this week’s episode the podcast team of Troy, Andy Steve and Wes seek to look at the biblical grounding for diversity while sharing their experiences with race.

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Top 50: The Church and Global Persecution

It’s easy for us to let our immediate church context define what the Church (capital “C”) looks like around the world. This is particularly so for those of us who live in a country where being a Christian is relatively easy. Today, Apologetics Canada brings you an eye-opening interview. Listen in on the conversation Steve had with Rev. Gary Stagg, the Executive Director of Open Doors Canada. They discussed Open Door’s 2024 World Watchlist, an annual list produced by Open Doors to rank the top 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian. They talk about several notable countries mentioned on the list, and what is going on for the churches in those countries.

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Out of the Ashes: Uncovering History with A.I.

Buried, burnt, and bygone. An entire library of ancient scrolls was buried under the ash and lava of Mt. Vesuvius in the city of Herculaneum, a Roman village less than 20km from the famous city of Pompei. But with some amazing new technology, these scrolls are being unrolled (digitally at least) and we can peer through the charred ash and carbon to read them for the first time in nearly 2000 years. Wes, Andy, and Troy get together on this week’s podcast to talk about the Herculaneum papyri and other advances in technology that have an impact on helping us have confidence in the historical evidence of the Bible.

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Adulting 101: From Dentistry to Ministry

Adulting is hard and at no point does it appear to get easier. Yet, it’s human nature to desire a reprieve from what seems like the cyclical woes of growing up. On this week’s episode, Troy sits down with AC intern, Lyzandria. They discuss whether or not the young people of our generation have a healthy understanding of struggle and whether or not life’s challenges are something we can be better prepared for.

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A Biblical View of Fasting

“We’re going without, to go within!” On this week’s episode of the AC Podcast Andy, Wes, and Troy are talking about a biblical view of fasting. While spoken about widely throughout scripture, why is it often a topic undervalued or even absent in the modern evangelical church? More than a diet or a trend, biblical fasting is a spiritual discipline that profoundly changes us to draw near to God.

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Response to O’Connor’s Interview with Richard Dawkins

Do theists have any good arguments at all? Not according to Richard Dawkins. He was recently interviewed by Alex O’Connor, aka the Cosmic Skeptic. When asked what good arguments he had encountered, Dawkins replied that theists (including Christians) have no good arguments. Zero. Zilch. Zip. If that seems like a pretty bold statement, you are not alone. Andy, Steve, and Wes came together this week to offer their reactions to both O’Connor and Dawkins, and to hash out some of the implications of such an extreme statement.

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The Miracle of Christ

For the last podcast of the year, we figured what better way to end 2023 than to close it out with a podcast reflecting on the miraculous incarnation of Christ! While Christmas may be over, the significance is still worth the conversation and undoubtedly more. Troy and Steve continued their conversation with our friend, Dr. Raphael Samuel, to delve into Part Two of the year-end podcast, “The Miracle of Christ.”

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The Miracle of Birth

Christmas is just around the corner. ’Tis the time of the year when we take the time to reflect on God coming in the flesh. Our thinking often starts with the typical nativity scene, with Baby Jesus already lying in the manger in swaddling clothes. We rarely think about the pregnancy and the actual birthing process. Since we believe that Jesus is truly human as well as truly God, reflecting on the miracle of the human birth will help us appreciate the miracle of the divine birth. Troy and Steve sat down with our friend, Dr. Raphael Samuel, to delve into Part One of a two-part series titled “The Miracle of Birth.

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