Should Christians Be Patriotic?

In this episode, Troy, Andy, and Wes delve into the complex topic of Christian patriotism. Exploring briefly the dangers of Christian Nationalism, the trio examines the intersection of faith and patriotism, considering whether these two concepts can harmoniously coexist or if conflicts arise.​

Andy and Wes in Egypt: Did the Israelites Steal Their Religion from the Egyptians?

Wes and Andy were just out in Egypt working on an exciting upcoming AC project. While there a number of things stood out to them regarding the culture of Ancient Egypt that give context to many details we read about in our Bible. Did the Israelites steal circumcision from the Egyptians? Or, is that just one example of many regarding touchpoints that God used within that historical time and place to communicate a specific truth in an understandable way for the original audience? On this week’s episode of the AC Podcast Wes and Andy sit down (in a mud brick lodge in the Egyptian desert no less) to discuss these fascinating examples!

Into the Light: Addressing the Silent Porn Epidemic in the Church

Into The light is a Teaching Documentary on freedom from pornography that walks through the fundamentals of change from bondage in sin to freedom in Christ. This documentary is a hope-filled, Gospel-centered resource for individuals and churches. On this week’s episode Steve and Troy sit down with Into the Light’s creators, Jacob Valk and John-Michael Bout to hear their personal testimonies, their heart for the church and the origins of this powerful resource.

Oneness Pentecostal Pastor: Why I Left

On this episode of the AC podcast, Andy Steiger sat down with friend David Drysdale to discuss David’s journey out of Oneness Pentecostalism. Given that David was pastoring a Oneness church, this was not an easy decision to make. There’s a lot to learn from David’s encounter with the fruit of truth and what fidelity to the truth can cost you.

The Ethics of AI: Outsourcing Our Humanity

ChatGPT is bringing AI into the spotlight of cultural dialogue again. Some are excited about its potential, as it gives us a sandbox where we can create whatever our imaginations tell us. Others are less enthused, invoking images from dystopian sci-fi movies like The Terminator. Further, as technology develops at break-neck speed, our laws are playing catch-up. Andy, Steve, and Troy met virtually this week to discuss some of the pitfalls of AI that we should be mindful of.

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