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Dare to Accept Diversity: An Interview with André Schutten

Our Western culture rightly values diversity and tolerance. Yet, the troubling trend is arising where a certain kind of diversity is not tolerated. Can ...
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Been There Done That?: Wrestling with Discrimination and the Freedom of Association

Critical legal battles are being fought in Canada and the US. The Supreme Court of our neighbours down south is deliberating on the Masterpiece ...
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Talking with Your Kids about God: An Interview with Natasha Crain

In an increasingly secular society, many Christian parents are seeing the need to teach their children to pass on their worldview. Yet, it's one ...
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Under Fire on Ground Neutral: A Crackdown on the Freedom of Inquiry

An obscure graduate student from Wilfrid Laurier University burst out onto the media recently. Lindsay Shepherd, a TA, presented arguments for and against the ...
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What Do You Meme By That?

Few things describe our social media culture better than memes: pithy, punchy, attention-grabbing, and often unsubstantial. Today, Steve and Terry come together to respond ...
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Beyond Evolution

If you are a regular listener of our podcast, you may remember us mentioning the CRISPR technology. It's a revolutionary genetic engineering technology that ...
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Bringing Canada Together… with an Insult?

The 29th Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, made some controversial remarks that made many people upset. What did she say and why is ...
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Overdose Crisis: An Interview with a Coroner Who’s Had Enough

Currently, the US and Canada are leading the world in drug overdose deaths. In the US, it is projected that there will be over ...
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Dealing with Doubt

Virtually all Christians have heard of someone who left the Christian faith because of doubt. While some experience it more strongly than others, doubt ...
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Hollywood’s Hypocrisy: An Interview with #metoo

Following the revelation of the decades-long sexual harassment and abuse by Harvey Weinstein, a highly influential Hollywood industry figure, numerous women spoke up on ...
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Gender Identity Crisis: An Interview with Paul Dirks

You may remember from a recent episode that Steve and Terry attended a local meeting of concerned parents against the SOGI curriculum. Apologetics Canada ...
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Should Christians Use Birth Control?

Is there room for contraception within Christianity? How does the Big Picture inform our choices on contraception for Christians, and what are some theological, ...
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