The Apologetics Canada Podcast helps churches understand and speak the language of our culture and address questions being asked with intellectual honesty, gentleness and respect. We also offer a podcast for kids.


Coming to a School Near You

Steve and Terry recently attended a meeting put on by a group that is concerned by the new school curriculum that is being implemented ...
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Science Says Having Kids Isn’t Worth It

In a Western culture like ours that has been shaped by Judeo-Christian values, children are considered very precious and important. It is taken for ...
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The Drop Box: Understanding a Culture that’s Giving Up on Everything

Andy and Steve are coming to you this week from Seoul, South Korea where they are filming episode 3 of The Human Project. They ...
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BONUS: Denny Burk on the Nashville Statement

When a statement like the Nashville Statement gains media attention, questions arise. Sometimes it would be really helpful to hear from an insider for ...
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Disability and the Gospel: An Interview with Michael S. Beates

Many of us know someone around us who lives with a significant disability. What is the Christian understanding of disability? Is disability an evil ...
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Discussing the Nashville Statement

A group of evangelical Christian leaders signed and issued a statement that affirms what they believe to be the biblical view on sex, gender, ...
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Ready, Set, Question

Steve returned this week from a youth retreat at a local Korean church with a pile of questions submitted on paper by the students. ...
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Optimistic Nihilism?

If this universe is really a massive yet meaningless and purposeless collection of colliding particles, how would you feel about your place in it? ...
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A Princeton Professor’s Circular Argument for Abortion

James Franco has recently interviewed a philosophy professor from Princeton to discuss the ethics of abortion. This professor had a very peculiar view. Although ...
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Living & Dying Alone Together

Andy recently preached on the topic of human value in light of human purpose. How does this impact the way we treat the very ...
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Why Does God Allow Evil?: An Interview with Dr. Clay Jones

The problem of evil and suffering is one that has plagued many theologians. Much ink has been spilled over this question already and there ...
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Finding Meaning in Coincidences

Live long enough and, sooner or later, we all come across coincidences. From birthday buddies to random personal connections you make in a far ...
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