Faith in the ER

Join host Andy Steiger in a conversation with ER doctor Quentin Genuis as they explore maintaining unshakable faith amidst the chaos of the “emergency room of life.” How do we keep our faith when tragedy strikes? Through personal stories, they delve into the challenges of upholding faith during medical crises and discuss the ethical depths of viewing patients as multifaceted individuals. Genuis’ first-hand experiences of suffering reveal how spirituality can bolster resilience, providing a unique perspective on faith, hope, and compassion as we care for those in need.

Spiritual But Not Religious?

Depending on where you live, if you asked people what their religious affiliation is, you will likely hear something like, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” There is a lot to unpack in this simple statement. Why is this stance becoming more popular? What is religion, anyway? Is “spiritual but not religious” ultimately a cult of self-worship? Or is there something else going on? Andy, Steve, and Troy discuss these questions and more on this week’s edition of the AC Podcast.

Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part II

This week, the AC team continues the conversation on the issue of whether people can lose their salvation once they have received it. As the AC team wades through technical theological terms like “synergism vs monergism,” “preservation of the saints,” “prevenient grace” and more, you will hear where their different perspectives overlap and diverge. How do Andy, Wes, Troy, and Steve answer the question, “Can you lose your salvation?” Tune in to part 2 of this two-part episode to find out.

Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part I

Apostasy. That’s a relatively unfamiliar word for most people. Yet, the concept is a familiar one to most Christians, particularly Protestants. Once saved, can you lose your salvation? Not only does this question touch on many points of Christian doctrine, it’s also one that is deeply emotional for many Christians. Much theological and philosophical ink has been spilled over this issue and many heated debates have been had. Andy, Wes, Troy, and Steve sat down to hash out their own disagreements in this two-part episode.

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